100 Days of National Parks: Day 62 – On Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park

On Moro Rock

On Moro Rock
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Sitting on top of Moro Rock, in Sequoia National Park, it’s impossible not to let your mind drift as you enjoy one of the best views in the park, and one of the best overlooks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that I’ve ever come across.  Unimpeded by trees or ground cover, the view from Moro Rock offers an expansive clear view of the peaks of the High Sierra to the east, crowned by Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental U.S., all the way to to the rolling foothills and expansive farmlands of the central valley.  It’s rare that you can find such a pristine overlook, such a clear view of some of the most amazing landscapes the country has to offer.  It’s even rarer to have the experience to yourself.

When I passed through the park in 2012, I set out for Moro Rock for what promised to be an amazing sunset.  I got out to the end of the fenced-off overlook and hopped the fence, descending a few dozen yards to a point on the end of the jutting granite dome, and sat down, listening to an audiobook and delighting in the peaceful solitude of the moment.  Out there, beyond the edge of the trail where most people stop, I had the view largely to myself, and watched for an hour as the sun dipped low on the western horizon, and the shadows lengthened along the entire breadth of the Kaweah River Valley.

It was an awesome experience, and one of the more memorable moments I had during that summer full of memorable moments.  I left the park the next morning full of a profound feeling of peacefulness and calm, mostly brought on by that extended sunset viewing, in one of the best places I’ve ever found to watch the evening sun.


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