100 Days of National Parks: Day 54 – Hickman Bridge, Capitol Reef National Park

Hickman Bridge

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As one of the easier hikes in Capitol Reef National Park, the short 2 mile trail to Hickman Bridge is definitely worth the stop, just for the chance to pass under the impressive natural span of sandstone.  Other than Natural Bridges National Monument, I’ve never found a place with a more accessible, and stunning display of a natural bridge.  Whether combined with a longer hike out to the Rim Overlook, which looks down upon the orchards of Fruita Valley, or as a short diversion when passing through the park, it’s definitely worth the stop.

In 2014, I tied the Hickman Bridge trail into a much longer 17 mile circuit through the Grand Wash and then up and over the Waterpocket Fold back to the Fruita campground.  It was early in my hike, and I wound up taking my time poking around the bridge, shooting it from every possible angle.  It’s remarkable how it exists so close to the road and other trails, yet you don’t really see it until you’re right upon it.

As with any natural bridge or arch, it’s a stunning display of geology, and a great way to spend an hour in one of my favorite National Parks.


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