1oo Days of National Parks: Day 33 – Wall of Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon National Park

Wall of Hoodoos

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It’s such a profoundly unique experience to walk through the winding trails below the rim of Bryce Canyon and weave amongst the towering hoodoos that make up the Park’s iconic amphitheater.  The alien landscape is one of the most affecting sights in any park, with its towering sandstone spires reaching toward impossibly blue skies, the few trees and plants along the slopes fighting for existence in the harshness of the high desert.

Sculpted by centuries of erosion, the hoodoos of Bryce are the largest collection of such formations in the world, and one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring sights in the southwestern U.S.  Viewed from on high, the landscape seems broken, twisting ridges and canyons forming a massive red-orange bowl in the earth.  Once you’re amongst the hoodoos, however, it’s impossible not to feel dwarfed by their enormity, and uniqueness.  Walking the trails through the hoodoos, you notice shapes amongst the formations, one that looks like a hammer, another that looks like a queen addressing her court, others that look liked impossibly large chess pieces carved from the earth itself.

I haven’t spent as much time in Bryce Canyon as I probably should have.  For some reason I’ve always visited the park in passing, and I find myself regretting this fact.  There’s so much to see and enjoy around each turn of the miles of trails in the deceivingly large park, so many areas to explore, I really need to get back soon to wander amongst the hoodoos again.


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