100 Days of National Parks: Day 23 – Scarlet Gilia, Zion

Scarlet Gilia

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I find that it’s all to easy to get caught up in the big picture stuff, and bypass the small things that are often just as important.  I find this nowhere more true than when hiking, and taking photos in a place like Zion National Park, where the expansive vistas and impressive rock formations often dominate the eye to such an extent, that you don’t notice the simple beauty of a late summer wildflower, or the vibrant life hiding behind shaded branches of a nearby juniper.

One of my mainstay lenses is my macro lens, a Canon 100mm F/2.8L Macro that never leaves my side.  While it’s instinctual to leave the wide lens on and fixate on capturing panoramas or wide angle landscape shots, I find it most satisfying when I come across something small that is able to pull my attention away from the spectacular views.

I can spend hours sitting alongside a trail, photographing a flower like this Scarlet Gilia, or a particularly curious chipmunk, or even a spider I nearly put my hand on when trying to find a handhold while climbing.  Part of it’s my A.D.D, part of it is the simple act of being immersed in nature, eating up every moment, every inch, every little thing I come across.

Most people say that you mustn’t lose the forest for the trees, but it’s just as important not to lose the flowers amongst the mountains.


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